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2e From an Eight Year Old's Perspective


This post is by a guest blogger; an eight year old boy who presented his perspective on the needs of gifted and twice exceptional children for a workshop run by Massey University. His wisdom was something that we felt should be shared, so over to the ratbag:

This week I got to do a presentation to some doctors and teachers who were learning about gifted education and twice exceptional children. Twice exceptional (or 2e) is when you learn quicker but still have disabilities. My strengths are things like maths, reading and engineering. My disabilities are writing (dysgraphia) and organising my thoughts.

What’s made school better for me?

What hasn’t worked?

What’s it like being a twice exceptional kid?

Did you ever read Matilda? There is a principal called Miss Trunchbull. She said that regardless of ability, everyone should be at their age level. My teacher is like, regardless of their age, they should be learning to their ability level. Teachers – don’t be Miss Trunchbull!